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How Toronto technology leaders find inspiration and grow their businesses

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When Katherine was looking to grow her business, she came to TechTO. Her talk attracted the interest of a local venture fund, and together they raised $4.2M to fuel the growth of Coconut Calendar, helping customers easily book appointments with leading financial institutions. 

When Aneta wanted to join the tech industry, she came to TechTO. The connections she made at the event landed her a position with 500px, where today Aneta is the CEO of the entire business with over 200 employees helping people express their creativity through photography. 

When Marcus first came to Canada, he had no clue how to start and grow his career here. Attending TechTO inspired him to emulate the entrepreneurs on stage, and today Marcus’ company HostAway has raised $1.9M in capital and employs over 25 people working to simplify the lives of vacation rental owners. 

Now it’s your turn to see how TechToronto can help you.

Whether you’re looking to grow your business, your career, or yourself, the TechToronto community is here to help. We are Toronto technology scene’s established and emerging leaders, interested in building things using technology that create value.  Over 50,000 technologists have joined our communities over the past four years because they believe in the power of technology and innovation to make ourselves, our teams, businesses, city, country and even world a better place.

Some of us are executives, others are team members, others are corporate innovators, and others yet are part of the larger technology ecosystem. Together, we help each other learn and grow in an environment that educates and celebrates our members. We come together to discuss, define and amplify the Canadian way of launching, growing, and innovating businesses. 

We’ve built Tech Toronto to lift up our grassroots technology community.  To create space for each of us to learn from each other.  To be inspired by new ideas.  To meet interesting people.  To challenge ourselves to better understand the balance of things we want in our careers.  And to engage on the big challenges our innovation economy encounters.

And we do it consistently.  With over 50 evening events already scheduled for 2019, our community experiences are accessible without undue disruption to your calendar, and available whenever you need it. 

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When you become a TechToronto member, you’re gaining access to an entire ecosystem ready to help you achieve your goals. For $129/year, you’ll receive a free ticket to one of our celebrated events, discounted pricing across all our events, access to members-only experiences, and more. You can find more details about on our Membership FAQ page. 

Since we charge our members to deliver our programs, you can rest assured that you’re not the product. Becoming a member ensures that the experiences created by TechToronto will benefit you. We retain editorial control over who and what gets on our stage, and work hard to make sure we’re delivering meaningful content that helps inspire and educate our community. It’s part of creating a sustainably independent community that is funded by our members, and is dedicated to helping you succeed. 

Investing in professional development benefits both you and your current employer. Many companies encourage their team to pursue learning opportunities beyond the scope of their normal day. To do this, they reimburse the cost of both TechToronto memberships and tickets because they provide substantial professional development and business development opportunities. Armed with both new knowledge and motivation, your improved performance immediately pays dividends. So go ahead and expense it. And if you’re interested in buying memberships for your team, email us at members@techtoronto.org

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